The International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies consists of scholars from a range of the cultural sciences who are dedicated to doing research on communication across cultures. The group meets annually at different locations around the world.

IAICS membership is made up of participants from over 32 countries. These participants meet annually to discuss common research interests. The results of their investigations are published in the journal of the organization, Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS).

The International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS) originated from a series of Asian-American conferences run by the late Dr. John Koo at the University of Alaska and Arizona State University. In 1985, the first international conference on “Cross-Cultural Communication: East and West” was held in Seoul, Korea. The group met every two years, alternating between North America and Asia. Asian conferences were held in Harbin (China), Tainan (Taiwan), and Hong Kong (China). In North America the conferences were held in San Antonio (Texas), Tempe (Arizona), and Louisville (Kentucky). Since 2003, the conference has been held on an annual basis.